18.12.15 – “The New Silk Road: A Path to Regional Security?” – Occasional Paper Online Now

Over two thousand years ago, Central Asia and Afghanistan were at the epicentre of the world’s most extended network of commerce and caravan routes.   The region’s strategic importance as a link between Europe and Asia has not diminished in the interim, but commercial, cultural and economic exchanges have.   Now, the dynamic New Silk Road (NSR) project aims to restore the region to the prosperity experienced during the golden age of the Silk Road.

The Eurasian Council on Foreign Affairs – a Forum for discussion of Central Asia’s relationship with the European Union – is pleased to announce the publication of the ninth in its series of Occasional Papers, entitled “The New Silk Road: A Path to Regional Security?”.

This Paper outlines the NSR’s initiatives to date, as well as those of competing projects by China, India and others.   It explains how the dream of Kazakhstan’s Foreign Minister, Erlan Idrissov – who imagined a day when one can have “breakfast in Amritsar, lunch in Aktau and dinner in Dusseldorf” – might soon become a reality.

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