06.09.16 – “Central Asia: New Opportunities for European Investors” – Occasional Paper Online Now

With no access to open seas, and economies that were in dire need of rebuilding following the breakdown of the Soviet Union in 1991, the five republics of Central Asia have long understood that attracting foreign investment in the region is essential for economic growth and establishing links to the global value chain.   Yet Central Asia still remains a relatively unknown entity to most in Europe, and many opportunities unique to the region are yet to be fully discovered.

The Eurasian Council on Foreign Affairs – a Forum for discussion of Central Asia’s relationship with Europe – is pleased to announce the publication of the tenth in its series of Occasional Papers, entitled “Central Asia: New Opportunities for European Investors”.

Opening with an overview of the main European investments into Central Asia in the first 25 years of Independence, this Paper will move on to show the significant advantages to investing in Central Asia, before highlighting some of the most attractive investment opportunities that the region has to offer.

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