31.03.17 – Two New ECFA Occasional Papers Online Now

The Eurasian Council on Foreign Affairs, a multinational forum for discussion of Central Asia’s relationship with European countries, is pleased to announce the publication of two new Occasional Papers, looking in detail at Central Asia’s Economy in the 25 years since Independence from the Soviet Union, and the region’s growing relationship with leading IGOs respectively.

The first Paper, entitled “Central Asia’s Economy 25 Years after Independence: Outcomes and Perspectives”, focuses on economic developments in Central Asia in the 25 years since the region’s Independence from the Soviet Union, including economic “success stories” in all five countries, well-established local and international companies in the region and infrastructural works completed, before turning to the economic and financial prospects for the Central Asian region.

“Central Asia’s Deepening Relationship with Leading IGOs: A Key to Connectivity and Economic Growth” examines the region’s deepening relationship with regional and global IGOs in the areas of trade, finance and economic development.   The Paper covers the five Central Asian states’ varying levels of engagement with organisations such as the World Bank and the IMF since Independence, before assessing the benefits and costs of cooperation with IGOs, and examining why each country has chosen to adopt a different approach.

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