15.11.17 – “Central Asia’s Growing Trade Status and the Rise of Uzbekistan” – Occasional Paper Online Now

In their first decade of independence, the five states of Central Asian focused on creating their own economic systems and frameworks for governance, out of necessity. By the second decade, they had well-enough established political and economic institutions in place to play a meaningful role in world affairs and to return to economic growth.  They have each identified vulnerabilities in their economies and barriers to trade and investment, and are working steadily to counter them.

On the eve of the 20th – 21st November Fourth Annual Meeting of its Advisory Council, which will bring together senior guests from government, business, finance, academia and the media to Cliveden House in Berkshire, England, the Eurasian Council on Foreign Affairs is pleased to announce the publication of its fifteenth Occasional Paper, “Central Asia’s Growing Trade Status and the Rise of Uzbekistan”, which examines trade in Central Asia, highlights major achievements in recent years, and discusses prospects for the future, paying particular attention to Uzbekistan.

“After more than twenty-five years of independence, the world now recognises the Central Asian republics as mature sovereign states with well-established economies. As a result, investor confidence is building and international trading relationships are expanding and deepening. And with its newly elected President – the first change in leadership since before Independence – and a rapidly growing economy, Uzbekistan is without doubt a country to watch.”

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